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Editor: Evie Obu

helping you to turn your manuscript into polished gold…

Hello there! Thank you for showing interest in my editorial services. I’ve worked in publishing for the past 5 years, writing and editing both non-fiction and fiction content for major institutions. I’m currently an editor at Onwe Press and I freelance on a number of exciting projects. I’d love for yours to be next!

As an avid reader with thousands of books under my belt, I’m armoured with an arsenal of examples for how to dramatically improve yours.

My approach is simple: I want to find the holes in your manuscript and help guide you in solving them using YOUR voice. If you’re interested please have a look at the below services that I offer and feel free to contact me for a quote.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Structural/developmental edit: This is the first stage of editing. I will read through your manuscript and find any issues with the pace, character development and plot. After which, I will give you a detailed report breaking down any areas of concern and how to tackle them.

Line edit: This is the second stage of editing. I will go through your manuscript line by line and find any inconsistencies with your writing style, content and language.

Copy edit: This is one of the final stages of editing. I will go through the manuscript with a fine tooth comb and find any spelling or grammatical errors.

Contact me

Send me an email at evieobupublishing@gmail.com