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Reni K Amayo's debut novel Daughters of Nri is steeped in Igbo mythology, set before slavery & magical in every way. For the full story head over to Black Ballad.

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Onwe Press Acquires Rights To "Daughters Of Nri" - The Debut Nigerian Fantasy Written By Reni K Amayo

Independent publishing house, Onwe Press, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of the rights to "Daughters of Nri" the debut young-adult fantasy book from Reni K Amayo, the first installment in "The Return of the Earth Mother" series. 


The Bookseller

Two new female-fronted presses are entering the independent publishing scene, with a mission to excavate hidden stories and shine a light on overlooked voices...


Metro UK

Reni K’s Debut Novel Proves That Black Stories Belong In The Fantasy Genre

Reni K Amayo is a young author who is opening up the fantasy genre to include black narratives – and her debut young adult novel sounds incredible...


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